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We strongly encourage every student to use the online facility to submit their application.

Benefits of online forms:
- Reach out to more G.S.B./Saraswat students
- Eliminate data collation effort and data reading/entry mistakes
- Samiti Volunteers can now serve MORE STUDENTS.

All submission are processed through site.
Kindly write to gsbeducation@outlook.com incase of any further queries.

EDUCATIONAL AWARDS - 2019 [Submissions closed for 2019]

Click here to view photographs of the Felicitation Ceremony.

As usual, this year too, meritorious G.S.B./Saraswat students will be honored with a certificate of appreciation. Please note - we do not give cash awards in this cateogry.
Eligibility Criteria
Examination Passed in 2019 Marks Obtained
(Overall Average)
Other Requirements
  X Standard   85% and above
Students must be studying in
Mumbai/Thane and suburbs.
Colleges must be affiliated to
Mumbai University.

Student of X Standard who
secure highest marks in
English, Sanskrit and Mathematics
will be given Merit Awards.
  XII Standard   Arts   70% and above
  Commerce   70% and above
  Science   85% and above
  Graduation (All Faculties)   70% and above
  Post Graduation in Arts,
  Commerce and Science
  60% and above
  Highest among all
  those who have
  registered with us
No restriction on the
place of study.
Submission Deadline
Eligible students should apply online on or before Sunday, 1st September, 2019.
Felicitation Process
Final list of eligible students would be hosted on this page on Friday, 6th September, 2019. A confirmation email would also be sent [from the gsbeducation@outlook.com email id] to these students on the same day.
Eligible students are requested to be present in person during the "Sabha Karyakram" on Sunday, 8th September, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. at Dwarakanath Bhavan, Wadala for the Felicitation Ceremony.

Note: Those who could not attend the function on Sunday, 8th September 2019, can collect their certificates from the Shree Ram Mandir office between 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. [Monday - Saturday, excluding holidays]. Kindly bring along a valid photo identity document as proof.

X Standard
Ms. Aastha Abhay Bhat
Ms. Amruta Pravin Kamat
Ms. Ananya Jayant Pai
Ms. Anika Ganesh Kamath
Ms. Gahana Govind Acharya
Ms. Gauri Gopal Naik
Ms. Grishma Santosh Balgi
Ms. Janhavi Arvind Kamath
Ms. Jenikka Vinayak Korgaonker
Ms. Krupa Vinay Shanbhag
Ms. Mallika Anil Prabhu
Ms. Mamta Murlidhar Nayak
Ms. Nidhi Deepak Keni
Ms. Nishta Nagesh Padiyar
Ms. Nupoor Rajendra Kamtekar
Ms. Rakshita Ravindra Bhat
Ms. Rashi Rahul Kulkarni
Ms. Sammita Madhusudan Shanbhag
Ms. Sanika Satish Bhat
Ms. Sanjana Ashok Shanbhag
Ms. Shambhavi Jagannath Chube
Ms. Shambhavi Prajyot Kamat
Ms. Shruti Shailesh Sinai Kerkar
Ms. Siddha Vivek Nadkarni
Ms. Tanvi Prasad Pai
Ms. Triguna Vinayak Desai
Ms. Trupti Umesh Hichkad

Mr. Aaditya Madhusudan Kini
Mr. Aaditya Sandeep Bhandarkar
Mr. Aarav Ashish Adarkar
Mr. Aaryesh Yogesh Baleri
Mr. Abhishek Mahesh Prabhu
Mr. Aditya Bhagwant Pai
Mr. Aditya Vishnu Pai
Mr. Ameya Vishwanath Netravali
Mr. Aneesh Vidyadhar Nayak
Mr. Anmol Shailendra Kamath
Mr. Dhananjay Kirankumar Shet
Mr. Gaurav Sanjay Kulkarni
Mr. Kushaan Krishna Bhat
Mr. Nihaal Naresh Nayak
Mr. Ninad Shailesh Kamat
Mr. Nishant Mainath Shenoy
Mr. Omkar Prashant Rao
Mr. Pawan Suresh Kamat
Mr. Prajwal Sanjay kamat
Mr. Rohan Ravindra Kini
Mr. Shantaram Durgesh Hichkad
Mr. Shanthanu Pravin Shenoy
Mr. Shaunak Amit Kulkarni
Mr. Shubham Dayanand Shanbhag
Mr. Siddhesh Vinay Shenoy
Mr. Swapnil Sunil Shenoy
Mr. Tanay Santosh Bhandarkar
Mr. Tejas Santosh Gaitonde
Mr. Varanasya Dinesh Kudva
Mr. Vignesh Sachindra Prabhu
Mr. Yash Prashant Telang
Mr. Yatiraj Girish Phene

XII Standard
Ms. Aditi Ajit Kamath
Ms. Akshata Prashant Kamath
Ms. Anoushka Vijendra Bhat
Ms. Bhavya Ramanath Bhat
Ms. Divya Kiran Mahale
Ms. Divyashree Ulhas Bhat
Ms. Kirthi Ranganath Kamath
Ms. Pavitra Manjunath Balgi
Ms. Poojary Reshma Rukmaya
Ms. Priyanka Guruprasad Shenai
Ms. Rasika Ganpati Nayak
Ms. Saakshi Vinay Bhat
Ms. Sangita Santosh Shenoy
Ms. Sharda Prakash Bhagwat

Mr. Ashwin Jayendra Prabhu
Mr. Deep Upendra Nayak
Mr. Karan Rajdeep Pai
Mr. Kedar Ganesh Kamath
Mr. Nischith Narayana Kamath
Mr. Saksham Kamath
Mr. Sarth Sanjay Borkar
Mr. Subodh Subhash Shenoy
Mr. Tanmay Vinayak Shanbhag

Graduation (All Faculties)/Medicine/Engineering/CA/MGMT/ICWA/CS/Law/Post Graduation in Arts,Commerce and Science
Dr. Aishwarya Vishwanath Shanbhag
Dr. Prachi Amrut Shenoy
Dr. Pratham Madhusudan Pai
Dr. Pratik Premanand Shenoy
Dr. Samaradnyi Durgesh Hichkad
Dr. Shreya Shrikar Kamath
Dr. Vaishnavi Sunil Prabhu
Ms. Akshata Gokuldas Prabhu
Ms. Akshata Vijay Nayak
Ms. Akshatha Kamath
Ms. Amruta Ravindra Bhat
Ms. Aparna Sandeep Parulekar
Ms. Apekshita Sandeep Parulekar
Ms. Bhavya Vishnu Shanbhag
Ms. Deeksha Arun Shenoy
Ms. Dhanalaxmi Devidas Bhat
Ms. Divyashree Vasant Prabhu
Ms. Esha Pramod Shanbhag
Ms. Gayatri Deepak Prabhu
Ms. Kritika Udaya Pai
Ms. Laxmi Trivikram Acharya
Ms. Namrata Mohan
Ms. Navami Nagesh Padiyar
Ms. Panchami Laxminarayan Baleri
Ms. Prabha Vishnu Shanbhag
Ms. Purva Prakash Kamath
Ms. Rajlaxmi Vivekanand Padiyar
Ms. Sanika Shailesh Shanbhag
Ms. Saraswati Gurunath Phadnis
Ms. Sharanya Vinod Bhat
Ms. Shreema Vinay Bhat
Ms. Shruti Mahesh Nadkarni
Ms. Shweta Ajay Pai
Ms. Shweta Dinesh Kamath
Ms. Sneha Suresh Kamat
Ms. Supria Surendra Pai
Ms. Surabhi Anand Shanbhag
Ms. Tanushree Suresh Pai
Ms. Trusha Pramod Shanbhag
Ms. Vaishnavi Vaikunth Nayak
Ms. Vallari Divakar Kamath

Mr. Adarsha Girish Kini
Mr. Akshay Prakash Pai
Mr. Akshay Ramamurthy Prabhu
Mr. Ameya Raghuram Bhaktha
Mr. Anant Vaman Nayak
Mr. Aniket Ashok Pai
Mr. Gunesh Gurudatta Shanbhag
Mr. Prathamesh Pramod Pai
Mr. Pritish Vinayak Wagh
Mr. Sharan Danjay Shirodkar
Mr. Shreyas Devidas Pai
Mr. Sujay Suhas Bhat
Mr. Vivek Venkatesh Shanbhag

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR EDUCATION - 2019 [Submissions closed for 2019]

Eligibility Criteria
Financial assistance - through direct account credit - will be given to economically weaker and needy students from G.S.B./Saraswat community studying in Standard V and above and who have passed the previous class in first attempt by securing minimum 60% marks.
Submission Deadline
Eligible students should apply online and submit a printout (hard copy) of the completed application along with attachments to our office at Dwarakanath Bhavan, Wadala, on or before Thursday, 12th September, 2019.
The hard copy of the application should be mandatorily signed by the school/college principal along with the school/college stamp. Certification from the employer is also compulsary in respect of the income indicated.
Payment Process
All payments will be done via NEFT/Direct Bank Account Transfers.
Kindly enter the correct Bank Account details during submission. Incorrect details will lead to non-receipt of assistance amount.