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Our application process has changed and now it is completely online. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.
Kindly write to gsbeducation@outlook.com incase of any further queries.

Financial Assistance for Education - 2022 [Click Here]

Eligibility Criteria
Financial assistance will be given to economically weaker and needy students from G.S.B./Saraswat community studying in Standard V and above and who have passed the previous class in first attempt by securing minimum 60% marks.
Submission Deadline
Kindly complete your submissions by 30th November 2022.
Payment Process
All payments will be done via NEFT/Direct Bank Account Transfers.
Kindly enter the correct Bank Account details during submission. Incorrect details will lead to non-receipt of assistance amount.

Felicitation of Merit Students - 2022 [Closed]

As usual, this year too, meritorious G.S.B./Saraswat students will be honored.
Eligibility Criteria
Examination Passed in 2022 Marks Obtained
(Overall Average)
Other Requirements
  X Standard   85% and above
Students must be studying in
Mumbai/Thane and suburbs.
Colleges must be affiliated to
Mumbai University.

Student of X Standard who
secure highest marks in
English, Sanskrit and Mathematics
will be given Merit Awards.
  XII Standard   Arts   70% and above
  Commerce   70% and above
  Science   85% and above
  Graduation Level (All Faculties)   70% and above
  Post Graduation in Arts,
  Commerce and Science
  60% and above
  Highest among
  all those who
  have registered
  with us
No restriction on the
place of study.
Submission Deadline
Kindly complete your submissions on or before Thursday, 1st September 2022. Please note - we do not give cash awards in this cateogry.
Felicitation Process
Final list of eligible students is given below. A confirmation email has been sent [from the gsbeducation@outlook.com email id] to these students.
Eligible students are requested to be present in person on Sunday, 4th September, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at Dwarakanath Bhavan, Wadala for the Felicitation Ceremony
X Standard
Ms. Aastha Dattatray Bhat
Ms. Aditi Rajeev Naik
Ms. Amruta Sanjay Bhujle
Ms. Ankita Vivek Shanbhag
Ms. Diya Surendra Nayak
Ms. Doyel Gopal Shanbhag
Ms. Gauri Upendra Bhandarkar
Ms. Jagruti Vijayanand Pai
Ms. Ketki Mangirish Herwadkar
Ms. Nidhi Narayan Balgi
Ms. Nidhi Neelkanta Prabhu
Ms. Prachita Amit Mallya
Ms. Rijuta Suresh Shenoy
Ms. Sahana Santosh Nayak
Ms. Samiksha Rajesh Pai
Ms. Sanchita Balkrishna Bhat
Ms. Sangita Santosh Shenoy
Ms. Sarika Sunil Mahale
Ms. Sharva Tushar Bhandarkar
Ms. Shruti Devidas Pai
Ms. Shruti Pramod Pai
Ms. Smriti Subhash Pai
Ms. Sonali Vivek Pai
Ms. Tanvi Kiran Telang
Mr. Anand Mohan Shenoy
Mr. Anirudh Vivek Shenoy
Mr. Bhuvan Bharat Nayak
Mr. Kshitij Santosh Palekar
Mr. Nikhil Manoj Mallya
Mr. Niranjan Prashant Shanbhag
Mr. Omkar Murlidhar Hegde
Mr. Pratham Manjunath Nayak
Mr. Prathamesh Gopalkrishna Prabhu
Mr. Ratan Sanjeeva Prabhu
Mr. Sanil Vinayak Shenoy
Mr. Shresth Yeshwanth Kini
Mr. Shreyas Ravindra Shanbhag
Mr. Sumukh Satish Prabhu
Mr. Venkataramana Damodar Pai
Mr. Viraaj Balkrishna Shinde
Mr. Vivek Vijayan Menon
XII Standard
Ms. Anushree Naresh Shenoy
Ms. Diya Vinayak Shanbhag
Ms. Kaashvi Krishaprasad Kamath
Ms. Kanika Kanika Kamat
Ms. Laxmi Ganesh Shenoy
Ms. Manasvi Manoj Nayak
Ms. Satvika Rajesh Kamath
Ms. Shrinidhi Damodar Baliga
Ms. Shruti Ravindra Warik
Ms. Soniya Shrinath Shanbhag
Ms. Tanvi Pandurang Shenoy
Ms. Uttara Milan Kamat
Mr. Abhishek Mahesh Prabhu
Mr. Aniruddh Gajanan Pai
Mr. Anmol Shailendra Kamath
Mr. Pratham Sandeep Shenoy
Mr. Rohit Kishore Bhat
Graduation and Post Graduation
Dr. Aakruti Vinod Prabhu
Dr. Anannya Rajesh Pai
Dr. Namita Balkrishna Hegde
Ms. Aishwarya Yashwant Pagnis
Ms. Akshata Prashant Kamath
Ms. Amrutha Ananth Nayak
Ms. Anjali Pandurang Shenoy
Ms. Bhakti Vasant Shanbhag
Ms. Bhavya Ramnath Bhat
Ms. Daya Damodar Pai
Ms. Disha Sudesh Padki
Ms. Eesha Bhushan Tinekar
Ms. Kirthi Ranganath Kamath
Ms. Madhura Milan Kamat
Ms. Mayuri Milind Sabnis
Ms. Nidhi Sudhir Kamath
Ms. Ruchira Balakrishna Sarma
Ms. Sharda Prakash Bhagwat
Ms. Shreya Satish Nayak
Ms. Shreya Vinay Nayak
Ms. Smita Rajesh Prabhu
Ms. Tanushree Suresh Pai
Ms. Vaishnavi Ashit Kamath
Dr. Aakar Vinod Prabhu
Dr. Gauresh Anant Kamat
Dr. Prabhav Pramod Sarmandal
Dr. Sachin Tryambak Bhandarkar
Dr. Sandeep C Shenoy
Mr. Ashwin Jayendra Prabhu
Mr. Mangesh Prakash Bhagwat
Mr. Mangesh Shrikant Pai
Mr. Omkar Arun Shanbhag
Mr. Pradnyesh Pramod Lotlikar
Mr. Prathamesh Nagesh Pai
Mr. Prithvi Anil Acharya
Mr. Rishikesh Rajesh Kamat
Mr. Srikant Vasudev Kamath
Mr. Tanmay Vinayak Shanbhag
Mr. Varun Dinesh Nayak
Mr. Vighnesh Pramod Pai
Mr. Vinay Sheshagiri Shenoy
Mr. Vineet Narasimha Kini
Mr. Vineet Rajendra Gadiyar